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Philanthrophy needs to stop being about rich people

An excerpt of a talk given by Nicolette Naylor at the Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Gates effect: Social entrepreneurship reframes charity

Civil society is the cornerstone of developing societies. It provides services that government and business…
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Inclusion in the future

The rise in xenophobic, nationalistic, Islamophobic and antisemitic politics has become a global concern. Some…
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Time to invoke and live the legacy of Madiba

Over the past two weeks, at least two important Mandela milestones came to pass, writes…
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Celebrating 11 February – Nelson Mandela’s first walk to freedom

Twenty-seven years ago, on 10 February 1990, millions of South Africans and others across the globe waited…
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Time for us to take things into our own hands

Nelson Mandela 100 allows us to scale up our projects and continue working towards building the…