Launch of the Make Reading Fun Programme

Freedom through reading

This past month, the Nelson Mandela Foundation in collaboration with Literacy4life had our first…
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Climate, Food and Solidarity

The 18th of July 2023 would have marked the 105th birthday of our founder, Nelson Mandela,…
Otsile Nkadimeng

Young people are ready to lead

Reflections on the Foundation dialogue, “What Does This Moment Call For?”, from Otsile Nka…

Media statement: Nelson Mandela Foundation explores post-democratic South Africa in new podcast series, FreedomAfter

It has been nearly three decades since South Africa became a democracy, and many wonder…
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Media Statement: Apartheid Flag SCA Judgement

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is encouraged by the Supreme Court of Appeal’s unanimous judgment o…

Exploring Madiba’s graphic heritage

On 2 March, the Nelson Mandela Foundation in collaboration with Loughborough University hosted a workshop titled “E…
Mandela  Day

Launching soon: Mandela Day 2023

The official launch of Nelson Mandela International Day 2023 will take place on 20 April 2023 at the…

The power of bondedness

On 2 April, we marked the 5th anniversary of the passing of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. As I…

Media Statement: 10-Year Remembrance of Madiba’s Passing

The Foundation outlines plans for the commemoration of 10 years since Nelson Mandela passed away on 5…
Attached to the Soil - Lead Image

Peter Glendinning

The Nelson Mandela Foundation invites you to the opening of this exhibition of 50 photographic portraits…

Social Bonding Beyond Borders

Our calamities and crises are barely ever isolated, writes Foundation CE Sello Hatang in his…

Not all graduates enjoy the same labour market access

In South Africa, not all graduates enjoy the same labour market access and some are…
26  March 1960   Burning Passbook

Discovery: the 'dompas' – A young person’s perspective

The donation of a "dompas", a kind of domestic passport from the apartheid era, to…

Coalitions, the new normal in South Africa

Judging by the recent developments in the Nelson Mandela Bay City Council and the Johannesburg…
Mandela  Day

Mandela Day and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our work with our partners across the country has shown that successful implementation of the…
ECD Workshop Team

Media Statement: Unlocking Untapped Leadership Potential in ECD Forums

On Monday the 27th of February, The Nelson Mandela Foundation in partnership with the Early…
Dulcie September

The Murder of Dulcie September and many other Black Female Activists and the Threat Their Legacies Pose

"I never met Dulcie September, the murdered Black South African activist, but I feel a…
Place Dulcie September, Paris

Teaching the legacy of Dulcie September and other assassinated anti-racist figures of resistance as poetry for collective liberation

PhD candidate Leonard Cortana argues for "other voices and experiences".