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Mandela De Klerk 1993

FW de Klerk, a man with a large and complex legacy

As an historical figure, former president FW de Klerk loomed large. His legacy is…
Delivering food parcels: E1F1

Humanity is the hope and change we need

If everyone gets involved in social programmes we believe that we can make a difference…
Election Sa

When voting in an election feels like a chore!

There has been a strange array of feeling in relation to voting in this year's…

Land use management systems remain untransformed and rigid

Informal settlements have been part of the Gauteng urban landscape since the dawn of …
Aerial view of Johannesburg

Accessing urban land markets in Gauteng, for the urban poor

A critical issue we need to grapple with in post-apartheid South Africa is informality and…
Inequality In South Africa Johnny Miller Time

SA’s gaping wounds must be attended to

South Africa's Constitution promises the right of all citizens to live with dignity, but so…
Fatou Bensouda Nmal 2021 2

Justice, (un)gendering and reframing: a reflection on the 2021 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

Lawyer and gender-activist Letlhogonolo Mokgoroane reflects on the 19th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, delivered…
1956 Womens March

Nelson Mandela, champion of women's rights

Nelson Mandela championed women's rights, as his speeches show, writes archivist Lerato Tshabalala.
Volunteers from RebuildSA clean up after looting in Soweto, July 2021

It is in our hands to rebuild our country from the ashes of the unrest

What an extraordinary and painful month July was for South Africa, writes Foundation CE Sello…
Book Cover Confrontation1

“This Bloodless Wound” - A review of Kirsty Steinberg’s "Confrontation"

Kneo Mokgopa, the Foundation's Manager of Communications & Advocacy, reviews Kirsty Steinerg's memoir, Confrontation.
Unthere June 2021

Pride is a deathly labour

So, it’s been Pride Month in the Global North. They, in their infinite and u…
Constitutional Court facade, Johannesburg

Our singular challenge

What does "rule of law" mean in South Africa, where society is still trying to…
Hands using sanitiser at an E1F1 food distribution event

Take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day

In this time of pandemic the Mandela Day slogan "Take action, inspire change, and…

One hand in the fire, the other in the flames

Unpacking the myths about black women with Kneo Mokgopa, the Foundation's Manager of Communications and…