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The Mandela Initiative

The Mandela Initiative is a university-led national endeavour in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Through research, workshops and public dialogue with a diverse range of stakeholders (including academia, the government, civil society, churches, business and unions), it investigates key strategies to overcome South Africa's developmental challenges. The initiative was established with the encouragement of then-Finance Minister Trevor Manuel – while he was chairperson of the National Planning Commission – in recognition of the analytical capabilities of South Africa's universities and with the intention that they could help with the formulation of effective strategies to eliminate poverty and inequality.

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Project Rise

Project Rise will be hosting the voices of those participating in Mandela Initiative discussions along five major themes to frame the initiative's work: social cohesion, health, education, labour, and rural and urban renewal.

If you have an idea, a dream or a solution for the future, write for us. No views are too radical, as long as they answer the question: What must rise?

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Mandela Initiative national gathering

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No central understanding of a dignified life

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Inclusive philanthropy in the new gilded age

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Is philanthropy a part of the solution?

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Research and Opinion


Reflecting on the “just city”

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Political will is key to turn the tide on persistent inequality

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Advancing Mandela's unfinished legacy

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Download: Report-back on Foundation dialogue on sufficiency: Themba Mbatha