Nelson Mandela Foundation

Members of the audience at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture 2016, held at the University of Pretoria's Mamelodi campus tonight and addressed by entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates, came away with strong impressions.

Danny  K

Danny K

For musician Danny K, the lecture is evidence of “the enormity of the shadow Mandela left. I am very proud that he was ours and a son of African soil; it is just such an inspiration. The lecture reminds us that we have a lot of work to do and [that] we all need to contribute. I also hold myself to that.”

Lebo  Manyatse

Lebo Monyatsi

“[The lecture] went very well. It shows that there is hope in Africa. We need to live together and look beyond the boundaries. There is so much talent and potential [in Africa] and we need to capitalise on it,” said Lebo Monyatsi about the lecture.

Edith  Venter

Edith Venter

Socialite and businesswoman Edith Venter said that it had been“an honour”. She shared how it “reinforces what South Africans can do. We have to live together. We can do so much more. Let’s work together. We all need to do a little bit.”

Nozuku  Mayeza

Nozuko Mayeza

Bill Gates’ speech was “inspiring and mind-opening”, said Nozuko Mayeza.

Sharon  Ryan

Sharon Ryan

“It was very important. [The speech] is a great inspiration in my life and for what I do. Listening to a humanitarian like Gates is just amazing. It reminds us as South Africans about making a difference in this country, [and to] do it mindfully,” commented Sharon Ryan.

Chief  Campbell

Chief Campbell

Chief Campbell said that Gates’ speech had been “very fascinating and philanthropic. It spoke to the issues and problems we face in this country."

Noluthando  Duma

Noluthando Duma

Noluthando Duma said that both the lecture and speech had been “amazing ... eye-opening and powerful.” She also said that “the opportunity to see him as a young person is great. [The speech] said that young people have a chance.”

Ninel  Musson

Ninel Musson

“It was brillant. [Gates] gave some great insights and it was very inspiring. I liked that it was highligthing what the future is about. It’s something I believe in,” said Ninel Musson.