Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has been made aware of a scam currently circulating via email that requests the receiver to fill in an invoice payment registration form.

An example of one such email from, sent with the attachment below, reads:

"Attn: Hajvairy Intenrational,
32 chamberlane road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Dear Farhan Javed,


Your proforma invoices issued NO. HI:130831-001 with dated 31/08/2013 amounted US$54,000.000.00 have been received and same forwarded to our contract verification committee for approval after our final screening.

PAYMENT FORM: you are hereby requested to fill the payment processing form immediately and return it to us for our submission to our Foreign Payment Division for the payment contract approval and processing in your favor. The payment contract will be released to your nominated account within 48 hour upon contract agreement sign and legalize.

Furthermore, we have instructed our legal department to prepare the draft contract agreement. You will be update when the agreement is ready and the official signing date will be announced to you.

Urgently confirm the receipt of this mail and call me

Yours faithfully

Mr Sello Hatang (Chief Executive)
Fax: +27866048637
Tel+27 3514 2249"

Please be advised that the Centre of Memory does not send unsolicited emails.

Any such communication should be treated with suspicion.



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