Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has been made aware of a new donor scam currently circulating via email.

The fraudulent communication, which claims to be from Nelson Mandela’s Donor Relations Manager, Maeline Engelbrecht, highlights various global fundraising efforts made in the name of the Nelson Mandela Fund and then requests that the receiver of the email assist with the establishment of a local funding body in order to redirect donations made to the Mandela Fund. 

A copy of the fraudulent email is below: 

"Good Day,
I hope my mail finds you well. This is my second email to you without any response. I am Maeline Engelbrecht Nelson Mandela's Donor relations manager. For couple of years we have been in a global approach in fighting the pandemic, and emphasises the importance of strengthening relationships with UNICEF, Save the Children Fund and other governments. Giving Aids to orphans. In 2002 the Fund raised R34-million through donations, programme funding and fundraising initiatives locally and internationally. The continual growth of the Fund has led to the establishment of offices in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada and now Spain. For more details you can read from the link below, although, there are a lot of reforms for security purposes.


Due to deteriorating situation of Mandalas' health, He has suggested that the fund allocated to his organization from the UK Based Anglo American Minning Company should be directed to a responsible and a reliable hand not here in South African but other country as well, as this is one of his struggles in life. On this basis I have contacted you for asistance to have it operated and monitored by you in your country. Please We have created a good reputation in the past and would not want anything to dent our image so if you cannot handle this fundation in your country I suggest you ignore the email. On the contrary get back to us for a way forward. Please Reply us here:

Maeline Engelbrecht
Mandela's Donor relations manager"

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory would like to remind members of the public that the organisation and its employees do not send unsolicited SMSes, emails or Twitter messages on behalf of Mr Mandela or the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. 

Any such messages received should be viewed as fraudulent and reported to the Centre of Memory.