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Insurgent Citizens exhibition
(Image: Nelson Mandela Foundation)
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Insurgent Citizens: Reflections on Protest in Democratic South Africa

Insurgent Citizens exhibition 1
(Image: Nelson Mandela Foundation)

Insurgent Citizens is an exhibition emphasising the importance of protest, and that it has been a catalyst for change in South Africa and many other countries.  It was an important tactic in the struggle against apartheid. Today the struggle for equitable access to land, housing, resources and services remains as pertinent today as it was under apartheid.

Protests remain important in democratic South Africa. The right to protest is essential to agency and to political expression, and a mechanism through which dissatisfied communities can voice their grievances. The right to protest is protected by Section 17 of the Constitution.

The exhibition consists of objects and artefacts associated with protest and collages of noteworthy protest images alongside data. This exhibition can also be found on our Google Arts and Culture page as an online exhibition.   

The exhibition was done in collaboration with the Socio- Economic Rights Institute of South Africa

The exhibition is currently displayed at the Ditsong Museums National Museum of Cultural History in Pretoria. The contact person is Noel Solani +27 (0)12 492 5744

View the online exhibition here.