Nelson Mandela Foundation

Queer Equality: Has the Constitution Delivered on its Promise of Dignity for All

Constitution Hill, together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, present the We The People Round Table Series which seeks to unpack the achievements and fault lines of our constitutional democracy 25 years on. This month's conversation will explore the story of the South African struggle for LBGTQIA equality which culminated in the inclusion of sexual orientation in our constitution - a first in the world - and will link it to today's struggles for equality, dignity and justice. 

We will also be launching the Sexual Orientation Timeline which plots significant moments in the struggle for freedom from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. We hope, with you help, that we can continue adding to the Timeline - read more here.


Jabulani Pereira, Founding Director of Iranti
Edwin Cameron, former Constitutional Court Justice
Zethu Matebeni, Professor of Sociology
Pierre de Vos, Constitutional Law Professor at UCT

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