Nelson Mandela Foundation

Mandela and Salim Ahmed Salim
(Image: Supplied by the Salim family)

The Salim Ahmed Salim Digital Archive was launched in September 2023. Dr Salim is a Tanzanian diplomat who served as Prime Minister of Tanzania and was Secretary-General of the Organisation of African Unity, now the African Union.

The digital archive consists of speeches, notes, interviews, and photographs based on Dr Salim’s extensive library. The material is a rich resource of Dr Salim’s long career as an international diplomat, his role as a politician in Tanzania, and his support of various African liberation struggles, including South Africa. Dr Salim’s tenure as the Secretary-General overlapped with Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. The two statesmen met on several occasions and shared platforms on various issues that affected Africa and the world.

The Head of Archive and Research, Razia Saleh welcomes the digitisation of this valuable resource and has had discussions with the family of Dr Salim on the possibility of future collaboration in the preservation of this important library and doing joint work on the digital archive.

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