Nelson Mandela Foundation



The Nelson Mandela Foundation has become aware of a scam being perpetrated in its name, and would like to warn the public thereof.

The fraudsters appear to contact people via an online promotion informing them that they are the lucky winners of a “NMF 46664 Certificate Award” which entitles them to prize money of £100 000 and an invitation to Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday in South Africa next year. However, in order to claim the prize, the “lucky winners” would have to pay a £450 “administration fee”.

Selected targets further receive an email from an organisation called Jeff Williams and Associates Legal Chamber based in Johannesburg, advising foreign residents that the requested fee is required to open a non-resident account in South Africa, into which the prize money will ostensibly be paid. The email is sent by a “Mr Andrew Leigh, Head of Operations” at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and fictitious contact details are provided. The CEO of the NMF, Mr Achmat Dangor, has confirmed that there is no such person or position at the Foundation.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and 46664 would like to alert the public to this scam and categorically denounces any involvement in this fraudulent activity.