Nelson Mandela Foundation

We applaud the efforts of firefighters and others in the City of Cape Town to limit the damage, understand the cause, and hold those responsible and those culpable to account. It is imperative that these processes be followed thoroughly with the utmost respect for the rule of law. If they are, it is just possible that the fire can be turned into a symbol of recovery and of resurgence, another testament to the resilience of our democracy which has been challenged in recent years.

Such a symbol, rising from the ashes, would mean a renewed appreciation for the role of Parliament and a new commitment to a legislature that protects and advances the rights and interests of people who have been marginalized and oppressed. It would recommit us to our responsibility to rebuild our damaged physical and social infrastructure like our national railway system as well as our Chapter 9 institutions, enhance the rule of law, strengthen our tools for social bonding and address many other critical societal issues.

It is in our hands to do differently.


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