Live the legacy at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

From Sello Hatang, Chief Executive, Nelson Mandela Foundation

In honouring the legacy of Tata Madiba at this time, the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Centre of Memory is open to the public as a place of memory-sharing and reflection on the Life and Times of Nelson Mandela.

With open arms we welcome you into our home, to pay your respects and share your tributes and contributions to recognising this great Statesman.

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory will be open from 09h00 onwards from Saturday 7 December to Monday 9 December as a place for people to gather in unity.

We would like to give the opportunity to people of all faiths and beliefs to pay homage to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

“The time will come when our nation will honour the memory of all the sons, the daughters, the mothers, the fathers, the youth and the children who, by their thoughts and deeds, gave us the right to assert with pride that we are South Africans, that we are Africans and that we are citizens of the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela during his first State of the Nation Address, Parliament, Cape Town, South Africa, 24 May 1994

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory
107 Central Street