Nelson Mandela Foundation

It has come to the attention of the Nelson Mandela Foundation that a new scam letter using the Foundation’s name is doing the rounds.

The letter, from a Susan Davies, tells recipients that their email address has been approved for a lump-sum payout in terms of a lottery set up through the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

This is a scam.

The poorly worded letter reads in part:

“Towards creating general mass awareness of his global PEACE AWARENESS,(The Nelson Mandela Foundations) in conjunction with Camelot LOTTERY PROMOTIONS United Kingdom has organised a worldwide lottery program with the aim of giving back to the people of the world for their support and regard to our global icon Nelson Mandela towards his stand on global peace and poverty alleviation scheme which has been his slogan from the day he assumed the president of South Africa till his last breath on earth.

“Thus, as the government and people of South Africa mourn the death of their first democratically elected president and Global Icon, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. In fulfilment of one of his last wishes to alleviate global poverty, 20 people every year on the day of his death will receive the Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Awards (NMHA).This awards took effect from January 2014 till the end of the year.

“The prize awards was organised by the Camelot lottery promotion here in the United Kingdom and the Nelson Mandela Foundations Worldwide agreed to run this program through their London office as all the payments that will be made to all the winners has to come through their United Kingdom office in London with their of the paying banks. A stringent measure has also been taking to see that this program is not abused by unscrupulous agents who capitalised on it to ruin the good cause of Mr Nelson Mandela. Some investigations has equally been made to ascertain the level of decency that is required towards that. You read more of that through the link below.” 

The letter then asks recipients to contact a “UK paying agent” to begin the claims process.

Please be advised that this is a scam. Do not respond to it in any way.