Nelson Mandela Foundation

It has come to the attention of the Nelson Mandela Foundation that a new digital scam – sent via email – is doing the rounds.

The scam, which is sent by “Hon. Winston Miller”, claims the recipient is one of 52 individuals who are each due an amount of US$500 000 following the reading of Mr Mandela's will.

The poorly worded e-mail, which has the headline "POORVERTY ALLEVIATION WORLD WIDE", reads as follows:

"After the death of our legendary leader, freedom fighter, champion of equal right and Nobel Laureate winner for peace Dr. Nelson, Rolihlahla Mandela who died on the December 05-12-2013, his lawyer read his “Will” on the 3rd of January 2014 in which he allocated $26,000.000.00 (Twenty Six Million United States Dollars) to be distributed to less privileged in the society all over the world. This fund will be shared between 52 individuals. Who will receive $500,000.00 each? We the members of the Mandela Foundation decided to contact network providers of all foreign diplomatic embassies to furnish us with email and phone numbers of individuals of there Nationality classified as under privileged which we entered into the ballot system. And you come out a beneficiary in category A. of $500,000.00"

The scam further describes a complex system for moving money and asks recipients to divulge personal information.

Please be advised that the email is a scam.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation does not send unsolicited e-mails.