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The 18th of July 2023 would have marked the 105th birthday of our founder, Nelson Mandela, and now, more than ever, we need to look at climate change, persistent and increasing levels of poverty as well as inequality. We need to ask ourselves if we are living up to the legacy Nelson Mandela has left us.

In response to these crises, in 2022 the Foundation, through its Nelson Mandela Day and Outreach programme, embarked on long-term and sustainable interventions which equip communities to take climate action that ensures food security and thus alleviate poverty and inequality. The Nelson Mandela Day and Outreach programme embarked on a national effort to capacitate as many home-based and community food gardens as possible, whilst planting one million trees, 60% of which are fruit trees.

This year, the Mandela Day and Outreach programme wishes to reignite the global reach of Nelson Mandela International Day through global partnerships that will host tree planting and the capacitation of home-based and community food gardens around the world. On Nelson Mandela Day 2023, it is the vision of the Nelson Mandela Foundation for the world to unite and decisively act against the intersection of climate change and food insecurity by establishing or working in community and home-based food gardens as well as plating trees as the sun moves from New Zealand in the east, to the furthest most reaches of the west.

With globally increasing consciousness of the interdependence of climate change, food security, poverty and inequity, The Nelson Mandela Foundation held a briefing for Nelson Mandela International Day for local and international partners to outline and reflect on the work being done and the work that still needs to combat climate change and food insecurity.

The theme for the tenth anniversary of Madiba’s passing is “The Legacy Lives on Through You”. The theme for this year’s Nelson Mandela International Day is “Climate, Food & Solidarity”. Our call to action is “It is in your hands”.

Activities for the launch included a brief on the work of Mandela Day and the announcement of this year’s theme and how it fits into the broader work of the Foundation. The plans and goals of Mandela 2023 will be presented to the local and international community as well as stakeholders. A tree-planting ceremony and an opportunity for stakeholders to plant seedlings followed the stakeholder, media and public briefing.

The launch was hosted at the Uthando, Afrika Tikkun Centre, 13 Joubert St, Braampark, Johannesburg, 2001, on the 20th of April 2023, 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM

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Climate, Food and Solidarity - the launch of Nelson Mandela Day 2023

Climate, Food and Solidarity - the launch of Nelson Mandela Day 2023.