Nelson Mandela Foundation

"It is now for all of us to redouble our efforts and our commitment to collectively ensure broad-based gender sensitivity and real-life practices of gender equality." – Nelson Mandela

What is role of gender equality in building social cohesion?

How do we as citizens come together to effect a meaningful change in Africa’s status quo, where women and children face abuse daily and where female empowerment remains more of a concept than a practical reality?

These are the hot conversation points to be explored by Young Women in Dialogue at a unique event to be held at Freedom Park in Tshwane on Sunday, 18 August.

Under the theme of  "gender equality and building social cohesion", the dialogue will bring together 200 of South Africa’s young female influencers and thought leaders in a conversation about gender, equality, empowerment and rebuilding social cohesion on the continent.

Using dialogue as a vehicle to address such critical issues, just as Nelson Mandela did, the overarching aim of the event is to bring key stakeholders together in conversation to stimulate and inspire action.

Dr Mo Ibrahim, of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (who is also this year’s speaker for the 11th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture), will be in conversation with Ferial Haffajee (City Press editor-in-chief), Aisha Mohamed (5FM station manager) and Kave Bulambo (Women Across Borders), and will explore the themes of violence against women, the future of women in Africa, and female empowerment as a means of defining gender equality.

Nikiwe Bikitsha will facilitate the dialogue.

**** The event is by invitation only.
Comprehensive coverage with multimedia from the event will be loaded for sharing.