Nelson Mandela Foundation

Please be advised that a new scam is currently circulating via email, and recipients are strongly urged to ignore its contents.

Should you receive this letter, which is usually attached in a PDF format, kindly delete the email and do not follow the instructions provided by a Mr. James Sisulu.

Please be aware that this communication is fraudulent and seeks to extort money from unwitting members of the public.

The letter reads as follows:


From: Mr. James Sisulu

Tel: +27 11 057 4852


Unit 9 Beverley Stone, Stranfontein Cape Town, Western Cape 7798 South Africa


Dear Sir/Madam,

First I will like you to know that these funds can be transferred to your bank account only if you will work with me in truth and honesty.

I am MR. JAMES SISULU the director of the NELSON MANDELA FUNDRAISING ORGANIZATION. This organization personally belongs to MR. NELSON MANDELA and due to family controversy Mr. Mandela decided not to include any of his family members to this organization. Unfortunately Mr. Nelson Mandela passed away recently leaving me in control of the charity organization and all the funds raised under this organization.

You can view the link to read about Nelson Mandela’s death.

After the death of Mr. Mandela, the government of South Africa is trying to probe into the funds that were raised for the organization through instigation of one of Nelson Mandela grand son Mandla who is currently a member of the parliament and who has requested for the organization to declare the funds to the Mandela family. I know their move and aim is to get hold of the organization funds and then dissolve the management just for their selfish interests.

The total fund is US$ 25, 000.000.00


.  Five Million was a Cash donation made to the organization by one of Nelson Mandela close associate and this money was deposited separately in a security trunk box with the bank. I am the only one in control of these funds at the moment and I have contacted you to request if you can be able to work with me so we can move $5,000.000.00 


of the total amount to your account in your country before releasing the rest to the Mandela family. I have made plans with the auditor who handles our ledger book and he is standing by to work with me to achieve this deal.

Please note that there is no danger involved in this deal and I can guarantee you that the funds will be transferred to your bank account without any problem but the only thing I demand from you is your honesty.

I truly understand that there are lots of things going on over the internet, some dishonest individuals uses the internet to do some illegal things but please don’t take this email as one of those because I can assure you that everything you have read on this email is 100% truth and you will see more proves as we proceed. Also note that this deal has to be kept highly confidential to avoid leakage of information to the Mandela family. If you are not comfortable with this deal, be kind enough to delete this message and keep all you have read to yourself alone but if you are interested please send me an email and I will respond back to you with more details of how the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

After successful transfer of funds to your account, We shall share 40 percent to you and 50 percent will be for me and remember I will be taking care of the auditor from my side.

Thank for your time.


Mr. James Sisulu