15th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture: audience impressions

Members of the audience at the 15th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture came away with strong impressions of United Nations deputy secretary-general Amina Mohammed’s address.

Ndabayathe Ndhlovu, Thabo Pelesane Foundation

Ndabayathe Ndhlovu 

“There are so many things we need to change to ensure more equality in our society. The speech highlighted that we need to work in unity to uplift our communities.”

Bulelani Mgcoyi, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Bulelani Mgcoyi

“It’s so important to do our best to protect young women and children. As men we need to ensure that we stand up and speak up in our society.”

Inga Sibiya, content producer

Inga Sibiya 

“I really resonated with the call to action for all citizens. The message was loud and clear – let’s empower ourselves and each other.”

Lethiwe Mbatha, Stellenbosch University Master’s student

Lethiwe Mbatha

“It’s clear that women and children at the centre of our development is the way forward. We need to dismantle our current systemic issues because a country is never free until our women and children are free.”

Bridgitte Backman, Director for Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Distell

Bridgitte Backman

“I brought my daughters along to see the Annual Lecture, because it’s so important to have real role models to look up to. From a professional standpoint, the lecture was the ideal opportunity for us to partner up and make a contribution to our society.”

Zandile Sodladla, SRC president for UNISA

Zandile Sodladla

“The lecture definitely integrated the principles of equality and all that Nelson Mandela stood for. But it also highlighted that there is a long way to go for women, and we’re so capable of making a difference.”

Terry Bell, financial writer and analyst

Terry Bell

“It was one of the most timely and appropriate speeches of 2017.”

Zelda Ann Hintsa, community development worker

Zelda Ann Hintsa

“Amina Mohammed gave us solid steps on how to empower the girl child. The best ever lecture I’ve attended.”

Chief Joseph Little, chairperson of the National Khoi San Council

Chief Joseph Little

“Amina Mohammed delivered an excellent speech, and the whole world can learn from the points she shared.”