Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Mandela Cell at Constitutional Hill
Documents on display at the Mandela Cell at Constitution Hill
The stacks of metal trunks and wooden crates in which many of the documents are exhibited convey a sense of the mass of heaped records, and evoke their crated passage to and from Robben Island
The Mandela Archives on display in the Mandela Cell at Constitution Hill
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The Mandela Cell at Constitution Hill
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On display at the Mandela Cell, part of the Mandela Archives certain documents are placed in display cabinets, introducing the idea of engagement with the archive
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The desk at the entrance of the Mandela Cell marks bureaucratic regulation of the prison experience.
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The crates that carried goods to Robben Island
These pictures are of the permanent exhibition housed at this Mandela Cell in Constitution Hill which showcases Mr Nelson Mandela's memorabilia and is dedicated to the time he spent in the Old Fort and is a reminder of Mr Mandela's to let bars and wall chain his vision and dreams for a better South Africa. The enclosing steel mesh screens suggest the cell and its cold isolation, and yet, because the screens also allow visual access, they also signal the failure of the prison system to contain the spirit of the prisoners