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My name is Rhoda Bandora. I’m from Tanzania and I’m currently working and living in Dar es Salaam. I am a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Much of my research focuses on Feminism and body politics in Tanzania. I’m also a vinyl collector and lover of everything art.

Music has always been transformative and healing to me in so many ways. It’s the one thing that constantly makes sense to me in times when my world is full of uncertainty. Music is an escape, a tranquility of spirit within me. But most importantly it’s been such a representation of the world around me. The different places I’ve been to and the different cultures and people I’ve interacted with. I remember growing up my mom loved listening to “Come with me now” by Tania Maria. She spoke about how Brazilian jazz and Samba lit up her world when she was living in Congo Brazzaville. After that, I became obsessed with jazz and samba, from Joao Gilberto and Sergio Mendez to listening to Miles Davis and Charlie Parker.

It was in these moments of discovery that music became ritualistic. It became a journey of discovery. From being obsessed with Paramore and Cold play when I was 14 years old, and listening to Hip Hop with artists like Tribe Called Quest and Madlib, to getting introduced to South African artists such as Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, the Brother Moves On and Letta Mbulu. I also enjoy Afrobeat(s) and East African music from Fela Kuti, Tony Allen and Rema to Oumou Sangare, Lijadu sisters and Remy Ongala. 

This year for me has been so full of change and I’m learning to live in that change. This playlist is a representation of that. An expression of self. A beautiful chaos. Trying to figure out changes and feeling certain and excited about the future.

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