Nelson Mandela Foundation

A photographic exhibition honouring photographers in the 1980s who defied martial law to expose the atrocities of apartheid is now open at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg.

Between States of Emergency highlights the work of 40 photographers working in South Africa from 21 July 1985 to 7 June 1990, when a series of States of Emergency were imposed to clamp down on anti-apartheid protests. The emergency regulations were continually refined to prevent the media reporting on these protests and the brutal crackdown that followed.

Here are pictures from the launch. 

Dsc 0002
Dsc 0005
Jimi Matthews
Dsc 0009
Dsc 0012
Dsc 0022
David Meyergollan and Jimi Matthews
Dsc 0033
Deseni Soobben and family
Dsc 0046 1
Cecil Sols and Jimi Matthews
Dsc 0055
Dsc 0058
Verne Harris
Dsc 0074
Judge Goldstone
Dsc 0081
Gille de Vlieg
Dsc 0093
Irene Menell
Dsc 0106
Dsc 0110
Dsc 0115
Peter Magubane
Dsc 0125
Bso E Panel 1
Bso E Panel 2
Bso E Panel 3
Bso E Panel 4