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Struggle T-shirts: Public Testimony and Political Protest

Struggle T-shirts: Public Testimony and Political Protest. The exhibition is curated by Frances Andrew and draws on the extensive South African History Archive collection of struggle T-shirts.

Struggle T Shirt Cropped

The notion of using a T-shirt as a way of making a political statement first came into prominence in South Africa during the anti-apartheid movement, and “struggle T-shirts” were worn not only at rallies and political events, but also at funerals, where special designs were created to celebrate the life and legacy of deceased leaders, and at the release of those leaders who were serving sentences in apartheid jails.

Calls for the release of Mandela and others were emblazoned on many T-shirts both in South Africa and the world. Life-size posters alongside a narrative  and authentic political struggle t-shirts makes this exhibition unique.

The exhibition was displayed at the NMF for the month of February 2019 until March 2019.

Contact person:  South African History Archives : 011 718 2560