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Robert  Sobukwe
(Image: From the Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe exhibition)
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Robert Sobukwe – Remember Africa

The Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe exhibition, hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, marks the opening of the 10th in a series of exhibitions created by the organisation as a means of engaging members of the public in open dialogue.

Created in collaboration with the Robert Sobukwe Trust, among others, the exhibition features multimedia content about Robert Sobukwe’s life, his legacy and some of his personal artefacts: an iron from his incarceration on Robben Island, study material he pored over while at the University of Fort Hare and a schoolbook with the inscription “Remember Africa”.

The exhibition and the subsequent dialogue sessions serve to present previously disowned narrations as a very real part of our history in post-apartheid South Africa.

Sobukwe’s oft-uttered phrase, “Remember Africa”, offers a starting point for dialogue initiated by the Centre of Memory at the Foundation.

This exhibition is no longer on display; its contents have been returned to the Sobukwe family.