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Memoriesof Mandela
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Memories of Mandela

This exhibition is not so much an historical or political representation of Nelson Mandela’s life but a rather more personal insight into the human being. Keith Bernstein’s images of Mr Mandela provide a reflection of his many different moods and modes.

Keith Bernstein approached Zelda La Grange in 1993 to ask if he could take photographs of Mr Mandela in the lead-up to the first democratic elections in 1994. Keith and Zelda kept in touch for some time before she called Keith with an invitation to report to the President’s office with an opportunity to begin photographing Mr. Mandela as per his request. He immediately booked his passage from London where he lived and so began a journey that lasted for some years to come and are represented in this exhibition.

The exhibition travelled to Freedom Park and was recently displayed at the Apartheid Museum. Contact person is Gavin Furlonger: