South Africa is a nation that is perhaps best described as a nation borne out of solidarity. The means by which we overcame our troubled past was by each group working together towards a clear goal of justice. It is time, again, to ignite our culture of solidarity as we face the greatest test of our character and cohesion since the dawn of democracy. 

The idea is for all South Africans to contribute to a food distribution network by donating to the Foundation. With our partners, we will be distributing food hampers to support families for a minimum of three months.

The national Covid-19 Response Command Centre announced a further two-week extension on the lockdown the nation is facing. Evidence shows that the lockdown has been effective in limiting the spread of the virus and is thereby saving lives and keeping hospitals functional during this time. The decision to extend the lockdown was taken to ensure the prevention of an utter and complete pandemic in South Africa.

However, this will also mean that many families will not be able to make an income during this time – those who are precariously employed or earn a living under the no work no pay structure. Many South Africans are facing food insecurity at this time. It is our duty to ensure that our neighbours do not go hungry, and that we show solidarity to their cause.

Inspired by the Congress of South African Students mantra, Each One Teach One, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is calling on South Africa to take action and play their part in the COVID-19 #Each1Feed1 campaign.

By collaborating with old and new partners, the initiative is seeking to bring relief to the plight of food insecurity during and after the crisis we are facing due to the pandemic and the lockdown. The idea is for all South Africans to contribute to a food distribution network by donating to the Foundation. With our partners, we will be distributing food hampers to support families for a minimum of three months.

The public is invited to contribute to the initiative by donating through the link below. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has kick-started the donations with R500 000.

South Hills, Johannesburg

E1 F1 South Hills4
E1 F1 South Hills 1
E1 F1 South Hills3


E1F1 Soweto 1
E1F1 Soweto 2
E1F1 Soweto 3

Daveyton, Gauteng

E1 F1 Daveyton2
E1 F1 Daveyton1
E1 F1 Daveyton3

Howick, KwaZulu-Natal

E1 F1 Howick1
E1 F1 Howick2
E1 F1 Howick Sello Hatang

Bodibe, North West

Piles of food parcels at an E1 F1 food distribution at Bodibe
A food line at an E1 F1 food distribution at Bodibe
E1 F1 Bodibe3

Hhoyi, Mpumalanga

Delivering food parcels: E1F1
Sello Hatang and Yase Godlo at an E1F1 food distribution event
Woman wearing a Team Winnie Mandela t'shirt at an E1F1 food distribution event

Mzamomhle, Eastern Cape

E1 F1 Mzamomhle - food parcels
Sello Hatang at an E1F1 food distribution event
Sheep on a rural road

Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal

Food parcels outside a house in Pongola
Yase Godlo at an E1 F1 food distribution event
An E1 F1 volunteer plays with a child

Thaba Nchu, Free State

Siya Kolisi at an E1F1 food distribution event, with Sello Hatang
Sello Hatang at an E1F1 food distribution event at Thaba Nchu
Lunch at an E1F1 food distribution event

Zandspruit, Gauteng

E1 F1 Zandspruit1
E1 F1 Zandspruit2
E1 F1 Zandspruit3

Qunu, Eastern Cape

E1 F1 Qunu1
E1 F1 Qunu 2
E1 F1 Qunu 4

Orange Farm, Gauteng

E1 F1 Orange Farm 1
E1 F1 Orange Farm 2
E1 F1 Orange Farm 3


E1 F1Delivery 1
E1 Fidelivery 2

Port Elizabeth and Makhanda

E1 F1 Pe Makhanda 1
E1 F1 Pe Makhanda 2

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To donate to the fund, click here

To help with the distributions, or if you or someone you know is a potential beneficiary of the initiative, please contact Yase Godlo at


Everyone can contribute to the distribution network by purchasing essential grocery items and dropping them off in the Each 1 Feed 1 collection box at participating grocery stores. Where a specific Each 1 Feed 1 box does not exist, we are all encouraged to look for that store’s own collection box and contribute. All contributions are going towards helping South Africans without food.

Yes indeed. Monetary donations are welcome. To donate monetarily, please input your contribution to the crowdfunding link below. These funds will not only support with purchasing specific goods, but will also help with paying for structural needs in the distribution effort.

From the website:

For Give and Gain:

Special donations are currently discouraged. Each 1 Feed1 aims to supply essential products to all South Africans that are in need as a result of the national lockdown.

Each 1 Feed 1 is a food distribution network. The initiative will distribute food and hygiene parcels and not cooked meals. This will continue during and shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Through contributions made by generous South Africans, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and its partners the Kolisi Foundation and Imbumba Foundation will collect and distribute essential grocery items to communities and families that need relief. 

Donation boxes are located in-store of all participating grocery retailers. However, where these don’t exist, grocery stores will have their own boxes. We encourage that you donate to any initiative that is designed to collect food for those in need. 

The donation boxes will vary. Other stores use marked trollies while others are not marked. Ask a steward in your local store for their boxes for donation. In some stores that are participating in Each 1 Feed 1 specifically the boxes will be marked #Each1Feed1.

Partnering with on-the-ground organisation such the Gauteng provincial government, Kolisi Foundation, Imbumba Foundation, Soap for Hope and Rise Against Hunger, the Foundation can identify the communities that are most in need and prioritise their relief.

There are no beneficiary application or registration required. 

Eligible beneficiaries will be identified from the distribution partners database.

This initiative is an independent food distribution network and does not form part of the Global Food Bank Network.

The distribution partners include the Gauteng provincial government, Kolisi Foundation, Imbumba Foundation, Soap for Hope and Rise Against Hunger.