Tributes, honours and awards

The Nelson Mandela Tributes Database consists of tributes, honours and awards bestowed on the late Mr Nelson Mandela. It includes tributes he received while in prison, after his release, while he was President of South Africa, during his retirement and posthumously.

A distinction has been made between “awards” and “tributes”. Tributes relate to entities named after Mr Mandela or dedicated to him. Awards and tributes are each organised into the following types (each type has been organised into more specific categories, which are also searchable):


Awards from educational institutions and related

Awards related to arts, culture and sports

Awards from civil society and business

Patronages and memberships


Human geography named after Mandela

Educational institutions and related named after Mandela

Awards, events and organisations named after Mandela

Arts, culture and sports related named after/dedicated to Mandela

Flora, fauna and science related named after/dedicated to Mandela

Tributes from civil society and business

This database is a work in progress. While every effort has been made to verify entries, it has not always been possible. Furthermore, the database does not represent a comprehensive list of all tributes received by the late Mr Mandela. Please contact us with any errors, omissions or additions:

Please note, Nelson Mandela, or the Nelson Mandela Foundation, have not authorised the use of Mr Mandela’s name or endorsed organisations, institutions, products, or individuals included in this database.

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