Our partners

The Nelson Mandela Foundation exists in a complex memory and stakeholder environment:

  • Memory resources documenting Nelson Mandela‘s life and times are fragmented and geographically scattered, both within South Africa and internationally
  • Resources are embedded in various legal and other jurisdictions
  • There are multiple stakeholders in the legacy of Nelson Mandela

The Foundation seeks to work closely with all memory and related institutions that have stake in “the Mandela Archive”. Here we provide links to institutions with either significant holdings or a major stake.

Dialogue is at once a vital instrument for addressing critical social issues and the most effective vehicle for sharing memory, for growing it, and for engaging it in the promotion of justice and social cohesion. The objective of the Dialogue and Advocacy platform is to find sustainable solutions to critical social issues.

Drawing on the rich traditions of transformative dialogue, problem-solving and social renewal that made South Africa’s remarkable transition possible, we hope to drive positive change and realise social justice by facilitating greater awareness and engagement about the problems people face.