Nelson Mandela Foundation

It was recently brought to the attention of The Nelson Mandela Foundation that a new online scam is targeting members of the public.

Unlike previous scams that have been delivered via email or fax, online solicitation in this instance takes place via the social networking platform facebook, and has so far been limited to the French facebook population.

The scam is populated via email within facebook. The email is sent from Maitre Badou, a gentleman who calls himself The Nelson Mandela Foundation Director of Operations for the whole of Africa. In the message, he informs the recipient of a €75 000 cash prize they have won in a random draw involving social networking sites across the globe.

According to the scam email, the random draw and associated prize mark the Foundation’s official launch of the fight against STIs, HIV and AIDS 2010/2011.

Please be aware that The Nelson Mandela Foundation does not send unsolicited emails via facebook or any other means. Any such emails should be treated with suspicion.

To view the original email in French and English, please see below.

Fondation Nelson Mandela

A l’occasion du lancement officiel de lutte contre l’IST et le VIH/SIDA 2010/2011 la Fondation Nelson Mandela à choisir des sites de rencontres sur l’ensemble du globe,partout dans le monde pour sensibiliser sur les maladies sexuellement transmissibles.

A l’issu de ce tirage au hasard vous avez été choisir sur le site ayant comme référence N°LFN 68752478 et vous donne droit a un montant total de 75.000 € (Soixante quinze mille Euro) afin que vous procédez a la sensibilisation de votre entourage sur les maladies sexuellement transmissibles.

Ainsi, nous vous informons que sans avoir participé directement vous avez été tirée et attachée au billet N°LFN 68752478, vous désignant comme lauréat du (1er) prix de la catégorie 2.

En conséquence, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir prendre immédiatement contact avec le Notaire en charge des procédures en lui faisant tout simplement suivre intégralité de ce message.
Veuillez contacter le Notaire Maître BADOU à l’adresse suivante:

E mail :
msn :
TEL : 00229 66 688 001



The Nelson Mandela Foundation

To mark the official launch of the fight against STIs and HIV/AIDS 2010/2011, The Nelson Mandela Foundation populated social media sites across the globe to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases.

By random draw, your page on, with LFN reference No. 68752478, has been selected as a platform to share awareness and entitles you to a total of €75,000 (Seventy five thousand Euro) for spreading information about STIS among your online community of friends and followers.

Without having been directly involved, you have been drawn and allocated LFN No. 68752478, winner in category 2.

Accordingly, we kindly ask you to contact the sender immediately by simply replying to this message.

Please contact the sender Mister BADOU at the following address:

E mail :
msn :
TEL: 00229 66 688 001