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The Nelson Mandela Foundation has been made aware of a new social media/email scam doing the rounds.

A person purporting to be Makaziwe Mandela has befriended people on Facebook, with the message:

“Before my Dad passed away he instructed the Nelson Mandela Foundation to give out approximately One Million Great British Pounds Sterling out to 20 Unknown individual around the world and not just South Africa, I will like to know if you will be able to use this funds to create job opportunities for unemployed individuals in your community. If Yes, I hope to read from you soon so i can add your name to the list of beneficiaries Regards”

The message then asks the receiver to forward the sender a copy of their identity documents and CV in order to facilitate a fraudulent loan transaction. The person purporting to be Makaziwe Mandela sends a message along the lines of:

“Send a well detailed CV to the below email address and you will get a response within 48 working hours:”

Upon sending a message to the email address, this is the response received:


ATTENTION: Beneficiary

The basic documents needed is a copy of your ID or drivers license , All other documents will be prepared here in the United Kingdom and sent to you. You also have to understand the basic process undergone in other to achieve 100% success we have to provide an International fund clearance certificate to the British Authority to enable the release of your funds because your Country is not in the British jurisdiction.

We wish to inform you that this document is a requisite in the transfer of funds more than 500, 000 United States Dollars or its equivalent outside the United Kingdom. Such transfer requires this International fund clearance certificate which shows that the fund to be transferred has been cleared from terrorism or drugs which is inline with the UK financial act.

The issuance of this document will normally require your presence here in UK but in the case whereby you can not be present, we can issue this document out to you with an authorization from your referral. To get the clearance certificate, you are to provide us with your name, address, amount to transfer. This will enable us prepare the International fund clearance certificate.

The fee for the issuance of this document is 650 Great Britain Pounds for non-UK citizen which you happen to be. This fee is inclusive of Value Added Tax (V. A. T). It will enable in the certification, endorsement and preparation of the international fund clearance certificate. You are to remit this fee to us through any of the under listed mode of payment which you deem appropriate for payment. Please choose from below;

1. Western Union Money transfer to our cashier in UK.

2. Direct deposit of the fee into our South African correspondent's bank account in South Africa. This means that you would have to pay the fee into our corespondent's account in a South African bank and this payment will be made in the equivalent in Rand. Also, you would not have to pay extra charges associated in transferring money outside your country because the fee will be paid into an South African bank in cash and scanned pay-in-slip sent to us.

You are here by required to get back to us with your preferred mode of making the payment so that we can send you the complete details for payment.

Once you make this payment, you are to scan the pay in slip issued to you by the bank and send to us for confirmation. Your International fund clearance certificate will be sent to you once the personal information alongside the fund is received from you and the paying bank shall immediately release your funds once this certificate is sent to them. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kindly note that the international fund clearance certificate will be sent to you as a scanned copy via e-mail attachment.

Hon. David Garcia

Please be award that this communication is fraudulent and seeks to extort money from unwitting members of the public.


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