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Rhodes  Mandela  Day 2016 2

Rhodes University had a bumper "Trading Live for Mandela" week this year, with 118 events happening over five days.

Grocotts Mail

 published an eight-page insert, written by the Rhodes Journalism 3 students, about the events. 

Five years ago, Rhodes University started with "Mandela Trading Live" for 67 minutes on one day, then moved to a week. "Now we are considering changing it to a programme that runs through the year – making every day a Mandela Day. Exciting times!" says Di Hornby, director of community engagement.

"It has done wonders to enhance the Rhodes University organisational culture and to build partnerships across the city. It has also helped the community understand that development is for all and that it’s not only about ‘giving’ or about ‘receiving’ but rather about sharing."

She added that the accompanying Trading Lives exhibition also went well, with beautiful photographs, video and radio clips as well as the writing prepared by the students.

Rhodes  Mandela  Day 2016 2

A snapshot of the eight-page Grocotts Mail insert