Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has been made aware of a fraudulent email currently in circulation that requests the receiver to act as Foreign Representative and Fund Manager for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Please be aware that this is a scam.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation do not send unsolicited emails.

The fraudulent email reads as follows (with the image attached):


From the Desk of Amanda Watson
Foreign Grants and Donations Manager
Nelson Mandela Children's Funds.


Good day Sir,

I hope this email find you in good health.

Please do kindly permit me to unveil to you a legitimate business concern promising great reward without risk for evaluation and probable discussion.

We hereby invite you to understake the services of an overseas Fund Manager and Foreign Representative in your home country. Following the death of Nelson Mandela , the Anti-Aparthied Hero of South Africa in the year in 2013, we the concerned members of his foundation -Nelson Mandela Children's funds- have unilaterally agreed and decided to pursue the ideals of the late Icon. To foster the welfare of the needy and less priviledge in the society hence promoting humanism.

To this effect and considering the spate of mismanagement of the late icon's left over assets by family and relatives, we have decided to build Orphanages, Children's Hospitals and Juvenile rehabilitation centers in your country.

We are requesting your services to act as a Fund Manager and Foreign Representative whose role will be to legally facilitate the absorption of the project funds into your country's financial system through your nominated bank account by means of overseas wire transfer and also facilitating the actualization of the above mentioned project deploying the available project funds which shall be in your protection and custody.You shall be compensated for every step of this cause including but not limited to your effort to provide a reliable bank account to receive available project funds and also every effort in identifying project sites for land purchase, sourcing construction agents/building contractors, acquisition of government/legal rights and registration of the various projects and project developments in your home country.

If you find this offer appealing request project details and comprehensive project package including financial rewards, available project amount and various project agreements/contracts by contacting our authorized agency at:

Email address:
Direct Line; +254-718723498
ATtn: Mr. Watumba Johannes

In your email correspondence to our agency please indicate on the subject line: REF. # NLF 2014 and be kind to provide your mobile phone number and every other useful contact details for a more effective communication in pursuant of this cause.

Thanks for your cooperation,

For information about  Nelson Mandela  please visit:


Your sincerely,

Amanda Watson
On behalf of Nelson Mandela Foundation