Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has learnt of an email scam that is currently doing the rounds. The email, which claims to come from the Nelson Mandela Charity Organization, informs the receiver that he or she is a select recipient that has been chosen as a beneficiary to one million United States dollars from the Mandela’s Charity Fund.

According to the email, the fund has grown to $US2-billion in donations from “presidents, countries, states, churches, mosques, banks, multinational companies and lots of prominent businessmen all around the globe”, which therefore enables Mr Mandela to distribute funds further to those in dire need.

The email also falsely claims that the charity fund is working with Microsoft in obtaining email addresses of the selected beneficiaries, and that all funds have been handed over for onward transfer to individual bank accounts.

The recipient is asked to furnish the sender, Mr Tabiso Mbeki (Chief Officer of the Charity Fund), with full personal and bank account details in order to process the payment.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation does not send unsolicited emails and does not identify recipients of any donations via email. Any such email is fraudulent and should be treated with suspicion.

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