Nelson Mandela Foundation

Dear President Obama

On behalf of our Founder, Mr Nelson Mandela and our Board of Trustees, we congratulate you upon your re-election as President of the United States of America.

The US is a vital partner in Africa’s efforts to overcome poverty and inequality. We are confident that under your continued, insightful leadership this partnership will grow stronger, both in working with governments on the continent but also with the burgeoning civil society movements that seek to empower communities. 

After your victory in the 2008 Presidential election Mr Mandela said to you: “You will always be in our affection as a young man who dared to dream and to pursue that dream. We wish you well.”

It is our hope that your second term in office will see the realisation of that dream.

As you know, during June 2011 we hosted First Lady Michelle Obama, and would be honoured to receive you as well at some stage in the future.

Yours sincerely

Achmat Dangor
Chief Executive
Nelson Mandela Centre Of Memory
At the Nelson Mandela Foundation

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The inscription below the photograph, which was sent to Nelson Mandela by Barack Obama in 2010, reads: 'To Nelson Mandela, an inspiration to us all"