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Kweku Mandela Amuah, co-founder of Africa Rising and grandson of Nelson Mandela, has thrown his weight behind the One Million Viewer campaign featuring the award-winning documentary Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness.

"The One Million Viewer campaign will focus on garnering 1-million unique online viewers for Beyond Right & Wrong, which follows victims of three devastating conflicts – the Rwandan genocide, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Troubles in Northern Ireland – as they struggle to forgive without sacrificing their need for justice. This transformative documentary allows viewers to delve deeply into the familiar battles for reconciliation and recovery, opening their eyes to the multifaceted expression of human resilience," reads a press release about the initiative.

The Million Viewer Campaign represents a way of spreading the message of social impact films. By promoting Beyond Right & Wrong and its message, viewers are able to support important causes with funds donated by Operation Kids Foundation and Share the Mic. Through the FilmRaise platform, partnering nonprofits will receive $5 000 for every 10 000 viewers who watch the film on their behalf.

Beyond Right & Wrong is active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (listed below). The producers are encouraging viewers to stay informed about the campaign, and feel free to share and retweet anything they post.

Beyond Right & Wrong:



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Co-directed by Roger Spottiswoode (Turner and Hooch, Tomorrow Never Dies) and Lekha Singh, Beyond Right & Wrong has won multiple awards and garnered worldwide attention since its release. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon presented the film to the General Assembly before it adopted a far-reaching resolution for the peaceful mediation of conflict.

Among the film's accolades are Best Avant-Garde Film, American Psychological Association; Best Documentary Film, Fingal Film Festival; runner-up for Best Documentary, LA Jewish Film Festival; Social Impact Award, The Collective; and the Snowball Influencer Award, Cause Brands.

“This film and campaign allow us to look at and educate ourselves on how, despite our differences in culture, gender, religion or wealth, our rights are something we all should work towards making universal for all people of this earth,” says Mandela Amuah. “Until that is done, people like my grandfather and their legacy will never truly be fulfilled. It all starts with dialogue and this campaign is another step in that direction.”