Nelson Mandela Foundation

Delivering food parcels: E1F1 Nelson Mandela Foundation

We have started to see festive decorations popping in shopping malls and other public spaces as we start to get into the festive session but how do we prepare for this season, when so many of us cannot provide basic food needs for our families? Will the festive holidays be festive for everyone? This year many of us will contend with what is important, as we try to balance our narrow budgets while reflecting on the year that has been and contemplating what will come in the wake of global uncertainties related to health, the economy and changing domestic and international political dynamics.  

The Nelson Mandela International Day programme has seen and experienced so many inspiring champions who have made difference in the lives of so many people in the last few months. People who took up the call to action and got involved to make a change. Our Mandela Day Champions gave food items that provided sustenance to families in need, our 4Cans4 Mandela Campaign received overwhelming support from several corporate-led employee volunteerism programmes, international agencies and civil society organisations amid the recent unrest and many other challenges. It is comforting to have observed people playing their part and giving canned food at malls and other collection points affirming and supporting that the constitutional right to access food and water.

Mandela Day reaffirms the call for all of us to get involved and contribute canned food items for those who are in need. This campaign will run from the month of November and December, to give a child a special meal this festive season. A toy, a book to put a smile on the faces of our children. We should be moved by the need and get involved to make a difference.

Through our Each1Feed1 campaign, we have continued to reach between one thousand to two thousand beneficiaries with food parcels and virtual food coupons each month from the generous donations from Mandela Day Champions hoping we can reach even more. This incredible work has made us appreciate our strong partnerships with other civil society organisations that have reached even more people in need. The passion and drive of the network of civil society organisations in South Africa and many other countries have started to shift the needle on poverty and social injustice amid everything else we are dealing with globally. They are championing a number of efforts in education, especially for the matric 2021 learners, and in civil unrest intervention programmes and so many other initiatives of building and most times rebuilding.

If everyone gets involved we believe that we can make a difference.