Nelson Mandela Foundation

Goodwill Collection Constitution 2021 Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has unveiled an exciting new range of merchandise, under its Goodwill Collection. Inspired by South Africa’s constitutional Bill of Rights, this range aims to promote public awareness of human rights at the same time as securing the Foundation’s sustainability.

All income generated by the range will be used by the Foundation to implement the social justice mandate given to it by Madiba. For the last five years the organisation’s overarching theme has been Constitutionalism. This has shaped the work we have done in areas as diverse as land reform, early childhood development, anti-racism activism, COVID-19 emergency relief work, reckoning with oppressive pasts, and leadership development.

The Collection is premised on connecting high quality product to critical social justice messaging. Madiba’s dream for South Africa was the Constitution turned into a lived reality for all who live in the country. This is the underpinning message of the Collection – we need to keep dreaming and we need to keep working. Rights – ZARights – are about transforming the way people live.

Purchasing will be exclusively online at