Nelson Mandela Foundation

Please be advised that a fraudulent email scam has been brought to the attention of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The poorly worded email from "Mrs Sarah Mandela, the grand daughter to Mr Nelson Mandela" congratulates the receiver as being one of ten lucky recipients of $US2-million. 

The email reads as follows: 

"Am Mrs.Sarah Mandela the Grand Daughter to Mr Nelson Mandela who passed away, before my Grand Dad passed away he instructed the Nelson Mandela Foundation to give out 20,000.000 Million US Dollars out to 10 Unknown individual around the world and not just South Africa, luckily you have been chosen to claim the sum of 2,000,000 Million Dollars.

First i have to congratulate you for been among the 10 lucky once, also you should not use this money on drugs or bad means it should be used for your family and your community.You are to contact us back for further information on how you would claim your donation, and also my grand dad has been put to rest on the 15th Dec 2013 your respect to him would be appreciated and also get back to us with your information

listed below for claim of donation."

Please be advised that this is a scam. Please do not reply to the email, or provide your details to the sender.