Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has been made aware of a fraudulent request for donations currently being circulated via email. The email asks that the receiver donate funds to the Foundation in aid of Africa's children.

The email reads as follows: 

Dear sir/madam.

We write this letter to plea for your humble donations for Nelson Mandela foundation.  Nelson Mandela foundation is a foundation aimed to give hope to African children.

We have several African children living with Aids, heart problems; we also have orphans, physically disabled children and children with autistic problem. The children are the future leaders of tomorrow, we need to show them love and give them the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

We urgently need the support of first “50” individuals/ churches/ private sector to make the world a better place for these children. We are organizing a conference coming this year April 20th, which will be broadcast live on CNN network channel and some of our local television stations.  We will be acknowledging those who donated to support our foundation. A special song of gratitude will be composed by the children to show their gratitude for saving their lives.

This is the greatest wish of our late veteran South African Icon Nelson Mandela to give hope to the hopeless. We urgently need your prayers and support financially we need you to help us save the life of this children by donating $300 or more.

If you are interesting in helping with the donation, kindly let us know so we can direct you on how the donation can be made.

We will be grateful if our request is urgently granted.

Yours truly,

Nelson Mandela foundation.

Re: The Nelson Mandela Foundation contributes to a society which remembers its pasts, listens to all its voices, and pursues social justice in order to promote peace, human rights and democracy in Afirca.

Please note that the communication is fraudulent. The Foundation does not send unsolicited email.