Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Foundation has been made aware of a scam currently doing the rounds via SMS and email. The initial communication sent via SMS informs the recipient of a $1-million donation to be awarded from the Foundation De France, with a request to contact the sender via email.

Once a reply email has been sent, the next communication asks for personal details of the sender, and congratulates them on their "philanthropic grant".

The email reads as follows:

"We want to believe that your mail to us is in response to the sms you got from our agent regarding your $1 Million Dollars donation amount. To that effect we most say welcome and congratulations for being selected as one of our trustee and friend of the Foundation De France, soon you will learn that we are one big family with the sole goal of helping humanity. In philanthropic service, there are three main ingredients. You must have the cause. You must have the resources. And, you must have a tool to allow an investment in the cause.

The Foundation De France was established in 1969 to encourage the growth of all forms of private philanthropy. Foundation De France is the largest grant-making charity in France and we enable you to choose exactly which project you would like to begin. The options for giving are broad, diverse and exciting.

You have been awarded the sum of $ USD for a start and this will increase based on the progressiveness of your philanthropic projects.

Please be advised that The Foundation De France is, or is liable to be, subject to controls by any of the following body:
•public authorities;
•various ministries with statutory seats on the Board;
•the public service department for acceptance of donations;
•the Cour des Comptes (Audit Office) regarding appeals for voluntary public contributions;
•the Comité de la Charte (charter of good practice): a study and rule-making body set up by fundraising organizations

This goes to show that we are not just giving out money for your personal use only, this donation is meant for you and all mankind in need of immediate help. To learn more about us you can check our website

To begin with the claims of your donation please provide your details as requested bellow.

Full Names:
Country Of Resident:
Marital status:
Direct Mobile Number:
Alternate Email (if any):

Please fill the above details correctly. This will help in the speed of the processing and release of your donation in the full amount of $ USD. Congratulations again and welcome to our big family.

Olivier Xavier
President Expanding committee

Please note that neither the Fondation de France nor the Nelson Mandela Foundation send unsolicited SMSes and/or emails. Any such communication is to be regarded as fraudulent.