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Scam  Warning 1

It has come to the attention of the Nelson Mandela Foundation that an email scam, purportedly for the benefit of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund but in the name of the Foundation, is doing the rounds.

The email, with the subject line "donations for Nelson Mandela Children's Fund" or "donations for the Nelson Mandela foundation", encourages people to make a donation of R2 000 or less to the fund by way of the Checkers or Shoprite money market. Please note that it is being sent from several email addresses.

The poorly worded email states further: "We have several African children living with Aids, heart problems; we also have orphans, physically disabled children and children with autistic problem. The children are the future leaders of tomorrow, we need to show them love and give them the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

"We urgently need the support of first “50” individuals/ churches/ private sector to make the world a better place for these children. We are organizing a conference coming this year April 20th, which will be broadcast live on CNN network channel and some of our local television stations.  We will be acknowledging those who donated to support our foundation. A special song of gratitude will be composed by the children to show their gratitude for saving their lives."

Please be advised that this email is a scam.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation does not send unsolicited emails.



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