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In 2019, the Nelson Mandela Foundation commissioned a mapping of ECD centres in Winnie Madikizela Mandela Municipality (formerly Mbizana municipality)[1]. The data highlighted the need for intervention in the area, including the challenges of sanitation, educational resources and infrastructure. For instance, of the 248 early childhood development (ECD) centres that were profiled in the municipality, 23% of structures were mud structures while 13% were ‘shacks’; only 27% of centres were registered with government and had access to government funding; salaries of ECD practitioners ranged between R407 and R682 per month; and 56% of centres did not have stories (books, story cards or print material) for infants and toddlers, while 46% had no stories for children above the age of two.

Arising from this mapping work, the  Community consultations were recently held in the areas in which these centres are located, with construction starting in earnest on all three centres in March. The anticipated launch date is around May/June 2022.

For the upgrades being done, each centre will get two new classes with an adjoining kitchen and office/sickbay. Additionally, a rainwater tank, toys, books and playground equipment will also be installed amongst other things. The Foundation is grateful to Impande SA, who are project implementers on this project.

These infrastructure upgrades are part of Phase 3 of Vangasali, with this phase of the campaign aimed at upgrading centres so that they can at least meet the Bronze (entry level) requirements for registration. Vangasali is a Xitsonga phrase meaning No One Left Behind, which is what the Vangasali campaign is trying to achieve. The Vangasali Campaign is a partnership between the Department of Social Development (DSD), the Department of Education (DBE), the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Impande SA and Data Innovators. In May 2020, Phase 1 of the Vangasali campaign was launched that was aimed at finding every ECD service in South Africa. Phase 1 of the Vangasali campaign was completed in September 2020, with the database of over 45 000 ECD services used to inform the ECD census project, which is currently being completed by DBE. Phase 2 of the Vangasali campaign, which began in earnest after the completion of Phase 1, is aimed at supporting ECD services to apply for registration 

The Foundation’s work related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) falls within the ambit of the Dialogue & Advocacy unit, whose overall function is to ensure active engagement with the public on critical social issues. In particular, the Dialogue & Advocacy unit focuses on three primary areas: Poverty and Inequality; Identity Politics; and Reckoning with the past.


NMF ECD Bizana

Mapping of early childhood development centres in Mbizana

Having a better understanding regarding the spread and quality of Early Childhood Development (ECD) provisioning…