Nelson Mandela Foundation

Mo  Ibrahim  Pic

Mo Ibrahim, this year's speaker for the 11th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

"A form of economy will be decided solely by our determination to make the economy perform fully from the point of view of ensuring full employment, maximum productivity and the development of a social consciousness." – Nelson Mandela

How do we move from alienation to co-operation – both as a country and as a continent?

How do we, as citizens, unite and work together towards the common goal of an emancipated Africa?

These are the hot conversation points to be explored by Business in Dialogue, at a unique event to be held at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory on Friday, 16 August 2013.

Irene Charnley  Pic

Irene Charnley, CEO of Smile Communications

Under the theme of  "economic emancipation in Africa in building social cohesion", the dialogue will bring together 100 of South Africa’s top business and thought leaders across industries and disciplines in a conversation about rebuilding social cohesion on the continent.

Using dialogue as a vehicle to address such critical issues, just as Nelson Mandela did, the overarching aim of the event is to bring key stakeholders together in conversation to stimulate and inspire action.

Jay  Naidoo

Jay Naidoo, chairperson of GAIN

Dr Mo Ibrahim, of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (who is also this year’s speaker for the 11th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture), will be in conversation with Jay Naidoo, chairperson of GAIN, and Irene Charnley, CEO of Smile Communications, each of whom will share their expertise and insights on which economic instruments and measures can help restructure a more socially cohesive continent.

SAfm’s Tsepiso Makwetla will facilitate the dialogue.

**** The event is by invitation only.

Comprehensive coverage with multimedia from the event will be loaded for sharing.