Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation cautions the public against an email scam that claims the recipient has won $2-trillion in a competition.

Screenshot of WhatsApp scam

The falsified certificate claiming Maya Makanjee is the Foundation's executive director.

(Image: Nelson Mandela Foundation)

Although the initial email purports to have been sent from United States Vice-President Michael Pence, follow-up emails use the name and personal details of Foundation trustee Maya Makanjee to back up the initial email’s claims. 

A scan of what purports to be Makanjee’s South African identity document is used, along with a certificate that indicates she is the Foundation’s executive director. Makanjee has never held an executive position at the Foundation.

The scam email supplies recipients with a personal identification (PIN) code and a serial code, through which the funds can be claimed. The scam mechanics are confusing. Also,  an email address that uses Pence’s name, and a White House “letterhead”, are used.

The Foundation reiterates that it does not participate in competitions and does not give out cash prizes. Please ignore, or even block, these emails.