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The Nelson Mandela Foundation is proud to announce that Better SA is now a partner of the Mandela Day initiative.

The organisation was founded this year, with the aim of making it as easy and rewarding as possible for South Africans to volunteer their time and skill to worthy causes.  

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Better SA – volunteering made easy

There is a strong desire/intention to volunteer among South Africans, but it is very difficult for casual volunteers to walk into an organisation and become involved, and even more challenging to set up a volunteering initiative.

At Better SA we realised that a middleman was required to facilitate the interaction between NGOs, which could benefit from volunteers but don’t have the time or resource to manage volunteer programmes, and volunteers looking for fulfilling opportunities that make the best use of their time and skill. Better SA is that middleman.

Whether a volunteer has two hours a year to give or 20 hours, this time can make a significant impact in the life of someone less fortunate. Better SA fully facilitates all volunteer experiences to ensure volunteers, and the recipients of their time and skill, get the most out of the experience.

Thanks to Better SA and its first-of-its-kind hop on, hop off volunteer bus service, the only requirement from volunteers is to arrive at one of our bus hubs, and Better SA will do the rest.

By eliminating all barriers to volunteering, Better SA hopes to unlock the potential of tens of thousands of volunteers, thus triggering a volunteering revolution and movement.

Better SA will be running year one of the programme in Johannesburg only, with the hope of extending to other major cities in 2016 and beyond.

Hop on, hop off volunteer bus

Introducing South Africa’s first hop on, hop off volunteer bus service: finally, an easy way to volunteer and help those less fortunate.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Find the Better SA hub closest to you.
2. Arrive at this hub on before 9am on a Saturday morning.
3. Choose a bus going to an organisation that interests you.
4. Hop on the bus.
5. Volunteer 60-90mins of your time.
6. Be dropped back at your car by 11.30am.

It does not get easier than this.

Volunteer your time and skill to improve the life of someone less fortunate and before you know it, you will feel better about yourself, better about your life and better about SA.


To make it as easy and rewarding as possible for South Africans to volunteer their time and skill.


To build the most talked-about, and participated-in, social change initiative of this decade.