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28 July, 2011 – Beyond the complex, compelling principle-centred leadership that Nelson Mandela has come to represent, Mr Mandela’s distinctive way of thinking defined an age, inspired a nation and, indeed, the world. So much set him apart – his character, leadership, his mindset, consciousness, and so on. Could we learn not only to DO like Madiba, but also to begin to THINK like Madiba – and so begin to discover or refine our own principle-centred Champion Mentality? Could a generation of young leaders be inspired to think differently – and so shape their own character and contribution?

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory at the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) and Life College Association (LCA) – both reputable not-for-profit organisations registered in South Africa – have joined forces to develop an exclusive academic programme titled Nelson Mandela – The Champion Within (NM-CW). According to Verne Harris of the Centre of Memory, “The programme is based on the book Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela and on his extensive personal archive.”

NM-CW is currently being researched and co-developed and will be ready for roll-out by February 2012. Today we announce the partnership, the programme vision and we call for more partners. Work at tertiary level will be done in close collaboration with the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, which has a highly successful advanced leadership programme for university-level students.

Achmat Dangor, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, says: “The vision of the programme is to harness the life-work of Nelson Mandela and his generation of leaders to build a nation of champions.” Our goal is to reach 1-million youth by 2020 and inspire them to make every day a Mandela Day. We will do so by partnering with and offering the programme to schools, universities, companies, civil society and government youth programmes.

An online social network will link NM-CW students across the nation.

According to Pat Pillai, founder and CEO of Life College Group: “The risk is that the mindset of the nation’s youth is up for grabs currently. The next developmental challenge is certainly not easy, but it must include programmes to positively affect the self-awareness,character, critical thinking and mentality of our youth so that a principle-centred paradigm shift is achieved – personally and collectively. Do nothing and we risk too much.”

Nelson Mandela – The Champion Within will harness the character, leadership and champion mentality of Mr Mandela as well as his tutors, coaches and mentors so that youth across the nation will realise that real change occurs within ourselves first – the champion within us all.

Download the following document to find out more about The Programme Pioneers.

To find out more about the strategic partners involved in this initiative, please download the following document.

About Life College Association
Life College is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has 14 years of experience in Champion Mentality, Character and Leadership Education. It develops educational programmes based on the real-life case studies of Life Champions and offers these to organisations, institutions of learning and individuals. 100% of income funds its social work and purpose.

NOTE: Life College Group (LCG) has the exclusive global rights to develop and distribute Nelson Mandela – The Champion Within in full partnership with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory at the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF). The book Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela forms part of the research pack. All proceeds (if any) are reinvested in the social work of both LCA and NMF.