Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Foundation would like to warn people about emailed certificates which claim that the recipient has won the 90th Birthday Promotion.

The following email appears with the certificates:

Attn: name of recipient,
We are pleased to inform you that your payment has been approved and all details regarding your cash prize has been forwarded to our paying Bank (Absa Bank),they will be in contact with you on how your cash prize will be remitted into your account.
So we advice you follow whatever instructions given to you by them for onward remittance of your cash prize into your account within 3/4 banking days. Find enclose copy of your ‘Prize Claim Certificate, Insurance Coverage’ and ‘Payment File’.
Congratulations! once again for and on behalf of Nelson Mandela Promotion and do not hesitate to contact us in case of further inquires.
Best Regards,
John Nkosi
Foreign Service Manager.
Claims Department.

Nelson  Mandela  Payment  File