Nelson Mandela Foundation

Zindziswa Mandela, who passed away on 13 July 2020, will be remembered for a rich and extraordinary life, marked by many iconic moments.

Zindzi © Morris Zwi
Perhaps most iconically Zindzi Mandela will be remembered for the speech she delivered in February 1985 at Soweto's Jabulani Stadium during which she read to the world Madiba’s rejection of President PW Botha’s offer to her father of a conditional release from prison. (Image: © Morris Zwi)
Zindzi Mandela 1985 No Conditional Release Soweto
Zindzi Mandela, 24, at Soweto's Jabulani Stadium. (Image: Nelson Mandela Foundation)
Zindzi Mandela Post 1999 Nelson Mandela Foundation
Zindzi Mandela with her beloved father, Nelson Mandela, circa 1999. (Image: Nelson Mandela Foundation)
Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, Zindzi and Zenani and others
Zindzi Mandela (second from left) with her father, Nelson Mandela, her sister Zenani Mandela (right, behind Mandela) and Mandela's third wife, Graça Machel. (Image: © NMF-Debbie-Yazbek)
Zindzi Mandela and Nelson Mandela
Zindzi and Nelson Mandela. (Image: © NMF-Matthew Willman)
Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Zoleka Mandela, Zindzi Mandela
Nelson Mandela with his second wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (left) and daughter Zindzi (far right) and granddaughter Zoleka. (Image: ©NMF-Matthew Willman)
Zindzi Mandela
Zindzi Mandela, campaigning for road safety. (Image: © Decade of Action for Road Safety)
 Zindzi and Zenani
Zoleka Mandela and Zindzi Mandela, campaigning for road safety. (Image: © Decade Of Action For Road Safety)