Nelson Mandela Foundation

G1  Name
Parenting a Nation is an exhibition that celebrates the political and personal lives of Albertina and Walter Sisulu during the anti-apartheid struggle
G3  Prison Corresp
Family correspondence to Walter Sisulu reveals the personal struggle of their 26 years of separation
G4  Text
The exhibition includes quotes from prominent activists who offer a personal account of the contribution of the Sisulus
G5  Letter To  Dad
The exhibition showcases Walter Sisulu's personal correspondence during his 26 years in jail
G6 Stamped Letters
Personal correspondence to Walter Sisulu during his time in jail was often censored by prison officials
G7 Diary
Nelson Mandela's desk diary, from the Nelson Mandela Foundation Archives, show Mr Mandela's record of Walter Sisulu's release
(Image: NMF)
G8 Books
Political pamphlets and documents offer a snapshot of the Sisulus' contribution to the struggle
G10  Albertibaby
Albertina Sisulu was often called "Ma Sisulu", and this exhibition documents her rarely told political activities
G12 Ward Text
The exhibition's text was written by a team of Sisulu family members and the Nelson Mandela Foundation
G13  Anc  Letters
Political correspondence shows Walter Sisulu's tireless dedication to the anti-apartheid struggle
G14  Text Letters
The exhibition tells the story of Walter and Albertina Sisulu’s political and personal lives through letters, photographs and beautifully worded text
G15  Exhibition
The Walter and Albertina Sisulu exhibition in the foyer of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton, Johannesburg
(Image: NMF)
Mandela  Albertina
Mr Nelson Mandela and Ma Albertina Sisulu share a laugh
Mandela  Wsu
Mr Nelson Mandela at the opening of the Walter & Albertina Sisulu exhibition
Albertina   Max
Ma Albertina Sisulu with her son Max Sisulu
Ma Albertina Sisulu
Mandela Brenda
Mr Nelson Mandela leaves the auditorium