Nelson Mandela Foundation

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The Soweto Gospel Choir ushered in the honoured guests at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture
(Image: Benny Gool)
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Professor GJ Gerwel welcomed guests
(Image: Benny Gool)
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The 1500-strong crowd at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture
(Image: Benny Gool)
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The crowd are shown the way to the auditorium
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The Soweto Gospel Choir entertains
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Mr Kofi Annan addresses the audience
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Mr Nelson Mandela and Mr Kofi Annan exchange a thought
(Image: Benny Gool)
The Soweto Gospel Choir
(Image: Benny Gool)
President Thabo Mbeki and Professor Wangari Maathai are both previous deliverers of the Annual Lecture
(Image: Benny Gool)
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Bill Clinton
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Mr Kofi Annan greets the Nelson Mandela Foundation's CEO, Achmat Dangor
(Image: Benny Gool)
Mrs Nane Annan, Mr Kofi Annan, Mr Nelson Mandela and Mrs Graça Machel listen to the music of the Soweto Gospel Choir
(Image: Benny Gool)
Minister of Finance Mr Trevor Manuel among the audience
(Image: Benny Gool)
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Prof Wangari Maathai with Mr Nelson Mandela at the 2005 Annual Lecture
(Image: Benny Gool)
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Honoured guests at the 2005 Nelson Mandela annual lecture
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President Bill Clinton looks on
(Image: Benny Gool)
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Introducing the honoured guests and proceedings
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Mrs Graca Machal listens closely to Prof Wangari Maathai's words
(Image: Benny Gool)
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President Bill Clinton greets Prof GJ Gerwel, Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, after the proceedings
(Image: Benny Gool)
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